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Lovely and lush surroundings. Spacious and well appointed bungalows. Crystal clear bay. And last but not least: bloody bagus brilliant dives with Ali! Well done Valentina, Rok and crew. Keep up the good work.

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 Travelling was always our passion and during one of our travels we stumbled upon a little piece of paradise. We opened Harmony Bay in February 2016 with the wish to make our guests see the beauty of Togean Islands as we were captured with it. We are Rok and Valentina. A few years ago, traveling through Sulawesi, we fell in love with the islands and decided to live a tropical dream. Moving away from all the luxuries of western life we found genuine happiness in this hidden corner of the world. We hope that all the travelers, who manage to reach this far end of the world, will feel the same energy and enjoy it every step of the way.


We will give our best, to make your stay as memorable as possible.




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A place wouldn’t be the place without the people in it. It’s the people that make a place.

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To get to us, you need to reach Wakai which is the main hub for Togean islands. Once in Wakai one of our boats will pick you up and transfer you to our place. From mainland Wakai can be reached from either Ampana or Gorontalo.


*Please keep in mind that every transportation is very weather dependable and it can change without prior notice, so we advise you not to have tight connections in your travel plans.



You can come to Gorontalo by plane, car or bus.

Gorontalo to Wakai

Overnight ferry Tuna Tomini departs for Wakai every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00. The journey takes 12 hours and upon arrival one of our boats will be waiting to take you to our resort.

The tickets for the ferry can be bought only in the ferry harbor few hours before departure.

Wakai to Gorontalo

Overnight ferry Tuna Tomini departs for Gorontalo every Monday and Thursday at 16:00.



You can come to Ampana by plane (Ampana has a newly open airport with daily filghts to/from Palu), car or bus.

Ampana to Wakai

By speedboat

 From Ampana the easiest way is to take one of the speed boats: “Hercules” every day at 9:00 or “Cahaya Manakara” at 12.30 am from the main city harbor. The journey takes about 1,5 hours and upon arrival one of our boats will be waiting to take you to our resort.

The tickets for the speed boat are being sold before departure in the harbor. We do however recommend to ask the guest house, hotel or resort you’re staying in to organize it for you a day ahead.

By public boat

Another option from Ampana is by public boat “Puspita Sari” every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10.00. It takes 4 hours to reach Wakai.

Wakai to Ampana

By speedboat

From Wakai to Ampana "Cahaya Manakara" departs every day at 9:00 and "Hercules" at 11:00.

By public boat

Public boat "Puspita Sari" depart from Wakai to Ampana every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 9:00.


*IMPORTANT! Transfer from Wakai to our resort will be provided and guaranteed only for guests with confirmed bookings.